The Maldives islands are without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth today.  They offer the ultimate desert island paradise with the most incredible crystal clear turquoise waters, soft white sandy beaches, shallow lagoons, endless sunshine and some of the best coral reefs left on the planet.  All of this coupled with the most wonderful warm friendly people makes the Maldives heaven on earth.

The Maldives are comprised of 1,190 Coral Islands each surrounded by crystal-blue lagoons and grouped in a double chain of 27 atolls and spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometers making the country one of the most unique destinations in the world.  192 of the Islands are inhabited and of these 105 are resorts.   This amazing part of the world is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday or luxury honeymoon.

The Maldives are also known for their 200 species of coral, turtles, and 300 species of fish including an array of reef fish, stingrays and friendly sharks making it an incredible destination to enjoy deep sea diving or snorkeling.   There are plenty of other water sports available throughout the Maldives including windsurfing, sailing and water-skiing as well as some of the world’s best game fishing.


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